When Children Need Correction

Because we are a large family with limited closet and drawer space, my kids don’t have a lot of clothes. This has never seemed to bother them, though, because they all seem to find two outfits that are their favorites and they wear them over and over again.

My joyful and daring five year old, Brogal, had one such favorite shirt this past summer. He wore it just about every other day. It was brand new at the beginning of summer, but after he had only worn it a couple of times I noticed a loose thread in the hem. As soon as I saw it I knew it needed to be fixed, but being a very busy seamstress with many other tasks and jobs at hand, I delayed. I would be folding it with the clean laundry and see the hem unraveling and think, “I have got to fix that.” But I never sat down and took care of it. I watched that hem at the bottom of his favorite shirt unravel more and more each time I washed it. Finally, towards the end of summer, I sat down to fix that shirt. What would have been an easy five minute fix was now an hour long repair of the entire hem of his shirt.

Child training issues are like that hem. When we first see that there is a Continue reading “When Children Need Correction”