Suffering for a Little While

God wasn’t fixing things for me. I was angry, depressed, frustrated and discouraged. There was really no good reason for it either. This must be hormonal, I thought. I’ll just pray and speak out what I know to be true from God’s Word and this awful feeling will go away. I don’t have to give in to my emotions. So, I prayed. I reminded myself of what the truth of God’s Word said. The emotions stayed. I was still very upset. Nothing changed. I went on with the day. Everything was a struggle. I just wanted to escape to somewhere Continue reading “Suffering for a Little While”

Be Still, There is Light

Life is hard. It’s not that difficult to notice, to see, and to hear the darkness around us. It’s everywhere and it affects everyone. It steals. It kills. It destroys.
Sometimes in my life, the darkness around me becomes stifling—constraining. Like a giant black dragon coiling around me in an ever-tightening circle. It’s ugly, it’s sickening, it’s terrible. I hear stories on the news, read articles, and come across traces of this dragon everywhere I turn. It seems like my life and other’s are full of darkness—of pain and suffering. Some of it we bring on ourselves, others times it has been forced upon us. So the question comes up. Is this life? Is this what we are here for? Is it even worth it? Will it ever end? Are there better days ahead?
God has been showing me something lately, something to remind me when I feel that dragon circling close.
“You have seen how dark the darkness is. Now let me show you how bright the light is.”
I imagine God telling me this. I imagine a protective glow of warm light surrounding me on every side, shielding and loving. Continue reading “Be Still, There is Light”