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About The Puerto Family

We love being a family of ten-we hate ordering food in a drive thru.

We love going to the beach-we hate going to the dentist.

We love watching movies-we hate completing math lessons.

We love laughing-we hate waking up early.

We love music and dancing-we hate sitting still and quiet.

We love cooking and baking-we hate doing dishes and sweeping.

We love reading good books-we hate reading textbooks.

We love the things Dad lets us eat-we hate the things Mom makes us eat.

Mom loves to run-everybody else hates to run.

Everybody loves electronics-Mom hates electronics

Mom and Dad love naps-all the kids hate naps.

But, most of all, we love Jesus and we hate the things that keep us from Him! We are not a perfect family. In fact, we’re not even close! However, we have discovered over the past 22 years that if we will walk with Jesus and do whatever He leads us to do, His grace and miraculous power will be poured out on us. We have lived this reality and you can live it too!

Third Watch

About Third Watch

“He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.” – Mark 6:48

This blog is for girls and women who are struggling with fear, anxiety, doubt or worry.

In Mark 6:45-51 Jesus sent his disciples to cross the lake ahead of him in a boat. The disciples found themselves, “straining at the oars” because there were some fierce winds against them. They were desperate for rescue. I was reading through this passage when I noticed something. The Holy Spirit brought to my attention the fact that Jesus saw the disciples straining at the oars early in the night, yet He did not go out to them until, “about the fourth watch of the night” or, “shortly before dawn.” There are times when our Savior ordains seasons of difficulty in our lives.

I have been experiencing an intense season of struggles recently. I have felt myself battling the winds of doubt, fear, hormone imbalance, anxiety, frustration, anger, depression, broken relationships, lingering effects of abuse and extreme business. I have been challenged on every front: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  Much like the disciples, I have found myself desperate for rescue. There is a place of desperation that I have termed the “third watch,” where I have been under pressure far beyond my ability to endure. I found myself wondering “What in the world is going on?”, “Did I, or am I doing something wrong?” and, “When is my Savior coming to rescue me?”

As I have journeyed through this season, seeking the Lord diligently with all that is in me, I have seen the Lord do amazing things, felt his perfect love in the strongest of storms, known His peace despite struggles, and have experienced his rescue in many ways. When we are desperate for rescue we can assume a heart posture of being, “diligent on the watch.” We can choose to have hearts filled with faith, knowing that our Savior is coming and actively watching for him and cooperating with his rescue as he reveals to us how.

Through this blog I want to:

  • Share my struggles so that you will know you are not alone. (1 Peter 5:9)
  • Point you to Christ’s love and truth so that you will know His eye is ever on you. (Mark 6:48)
  • Encourage you to stand firm and wait on the Lord to come to your aid. (Psalm 130:5-6, Mark 6:50-51)

We can find comfort and strength as we strain at the oars on the third watch because, as believers in Christ, we know with certainty that the fourth watch rescue is on its way!

Kingdom Secrets

About Kingdom Secrets

"But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop."  -Luke 8:15

This verse in Luke unfolds an amazing kingdom secret-a secret for success!

Each of us has a daily choice to make.

If we will walk with God, hear His voice, hold fast to His word and then persevere in that which He has called us to do, then we will see good fruit in our lives and in our families.

It doesn't matter how many times we've made bad choices in the past or how bad the circumstances are in our lives because of those choices. Today we can each choose to start moving forward with Jesus as He transforms us and our families. We will become people who love Him and love each other.

This blog will be dedicated to helping families see great results in their homes. We will share practical examples of how we have hashed out Luke 8:15 in our lives. We'll let you laugh at our mistakes and grab a hold of our successes and make them your own. We want to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and coach you and cheer you on as you position yourself for a kingdom crop in your home that will be beyond your imagining!