Dancing With Emmanuel

Jayt was really fussy and tired. He kept crying. I tried to nurse him but he wouldn’t settle. I tried to hold him but he didn’t want that either. I decided to lay him in the pack-and-play and set a 15 minute timer. He must be tired. He screamed and screamed for 15 minutes. I got him back out but now he was hysterical and couldn’t calm down. I tried nursing, rocking, speaking soothingly to him. Nothing helped. He kept screaming. Finally I took him to my room and pulled up my labor playlist on Spotify. 

Then I danced with him. 

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Entitled or Called

Someone almost crashed into me the other day. He pulled out right in front of me and I had to swerve to avoid hitting him. I didn’t curse or gesture at him. I was just relieved to have avoided the accident. However, when I looked over at him he was foaming at the mouth, face flushed and contorted with anger, and he was yelling at me through his window. The nerve! He should be thanking me and apologizing. It’s hard enough to tolerate people’s stupidity without them turning the tables on you like that.

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