Afraid of Dying

Caroline, at one point, battled a fear of dying. Every discomfort was an impending disease, every symptom was evidence of a fatal doom. She had trouble getting to sleep at night because she was afraid she would die while she was asleep. I could relate, having faced a fear of dying more than once before myself. Here is how I counseled her and how I counsel myself.

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Free From Fear

When I say that I know what it is to be bound by fear I don’t just mean that I know what it feels like to be afraid of things. I’m talking about, I was a grown woman, in my early twenties, married, and had two small children, and when the kids had been put to bed and the sun went down I would be curled up in the corner of my room in the fetal position absolutely terrified and paralyzed with fear. Now, almost two decades later, I’m free. The nightmares are gone. The terror is gone. The cowering in corners is gone. You want to know my secret? I’ll tell you. Continue reading “Free From Fear”