Dancing With Emmanuel

Jayt was really fussy and tired. He kept crying. I tried to nurse him but he wouldn’t settle. I tried to hold him but he didn’t want that either. I decided to lay him in the pack-and-play and set a 15 minute timer. He must be tired. He screamed and screamed for 15 minutes. I got him back out but now he was hysterical and couldn’t calm down. I tried nursing, rocking, speaking soothingly to him. Nothing helped. He kept screaming. Finally I took him to my room and pulled up my labor playlist on Spotify. 

Then I danced with him. 

We danced as voices sang and the Holy Spirit soothed and comforted my son. 

I remembered being in that same room 5 months earlier and rocking back and forth with each contraction as Jayt and I had our first dance together the day he was born. The Holy Spirit was there that day too, soothing me. 

How thankful I am that God is with me on this journey of parenthood. 

When I’m rushing around busy and unwilling to stop and minister to my little one, Emmanuel is there to correct me. When I fail to know what my children need but know who to seek, Emmanuel is there to be who and what they need. When I damage our relationship with foolish and angry words, Emmanuel is there to bring redemption and restoration to us and move us forward in peace and love. 

There is no God like our God.


The one and only, Emmanuel.

God with us. The one who dances through all of life’s seasons with us. The one who carries us through difficulties. The one who lifts us up when we fall. The one who strengthens us when we are weak. The one who rejoices over us and fills our hearts with His love.

All the mistakes I have made as a parent are totally eclipsed by this one thing I have done right, seeking Jesus in it all. 

Seeking Him when I’m in labor or holding a screaming baby. Seeking Him when I have a struggling teenager or a misbehaving toddler. Seeking Him when I’ve messed up big time or when I just want to praise Him for the grace I know is sustaining me. 

There is nothing to fear when our God is with us. This Christmas we can glory in the fact that Emmanuel is with us. We can turn to Him in every moment and need in our parenting. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a moment to dance and revel in the glory and love of Emmanuel.

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