Fair or Pleasant?

We cut doughnuts into quarters around here!

Yep, that’s right, one regular size doughnut into four teeny pieces. 

I gave my sister and her family a Dunkin Donuts gift card this Christmas. She sent me a thank you text which said they would be sure to honor us by ordering a variety of doughnuts and cutting them all into quarters, true “Puerto style!” 

Harold thought I was nuts the first time I suggested it. He said, “Why would you do that?” I replied, “You know, so that everyone can get to try each different kind of doughnut.” He has since given up on me and the doughnuts. He lets me have my crazy way!

The fairness gene is strong in me. How could I allow one member of the family to be excluded from tasting every flavor of doughnut brought to the table? Heaven forbid! It wouldn’t be fair.

Depending on how strong of a fairness gene you have seared into your DNA, the unfair things in life will bother you a little, or they will bother you A LOT!

We are bound to face things that aren’t fair in this life. We can take the opportunity to teach our children to guard against insisting that things always be fair.

Here are some things to help them consider when they encounter situations that aren’t fair:

-Our desire for things to be fair is normal and good. God created us for perfection and the desire to have everything be perfectly fair is part of that.

-We no longer live in a perfect reality. Our world has been broken by sin. Because of this we will encounter situations when things are not fair.

-We can use the desire for fairness to be a catalyst for reaching out to others. This is when our fairness gene can be allowed to have full reign. We can see the injustice in the world around us and seek to make things better for others. We can seek to rescue the lost, heal the hurting, strengthen the weak, and free the oppressed. We can work towards making things fair for those God places in our lives.

-When we are discouraged or frustrated because of things that are not fair, we can learn to focus on how pleasant things really are for us and take courage in that.

Nothing wrong with cutting some doughnuts. It is a good desire to want to make things fair for our children. But, when the only jelly doughnut gets greedily gobbled up and they begin to sulk or pout, we want to be quick to turn their hearts away from self-pity and willfulness and turn them to a meek and humble heart attitude that, not only accepts unfair things, but takes the opportunity to turn the unfair things in life into very pleasant things. My next post will show exactly what pleasant things I am referring to and how to teach our children to access the joy of the Lord in the midst of the brokenness of our world.

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