Fighting For Our Children-Part 1: Prayer

There is a way to always win when fighting for our children:

“You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” (John 14:14)

Praying God’s will for our children is our best and greatest battle strategy. There are all kinds of things we might like to pray for our children: “God, help them get an “A” on their test,” “Lord, could you find them a best friend?,” “Holy Spirit, please remind them to put deodorant on.” Not at all bad things to pray, but we can’t guarantee God will do it because we don’t know His will in those things.

However, when we begin to pray kingdom prayers in accordance with God’s will, we know Jesus will give us what we ask for. “God, help my child do everything as unto You, so that You will be glorified in all their efforts at school and wherever they go.” “Lord, help my child to seek You with all their heart and find You to be the best friend they could ever have. Let them be fully satisfied in Your love and let any other relationships in their life only strengthen their relationship with You.” And, I don’t know, but I may need to rethink that last one, because surely it is in accordance with God’s will that they put deodorant on! Isn’t there a verse in the book of “AXE” that says something like, “Yeah, though I walk through the locker room sweaty, I will fear no B.O. For my deodorant and antiperspirant protect me.”

If you don’t know what God’s will is for your children, begin to pray Scripture over them, and ask God to reveal to you any specific things you can pray for your child that are in accordance with His will for them.

I pray a specific prayer for each of my children at bedtime. They each have a different and unique prayer. I asked God to give me a specific prayer to always pray over each of them in accordance with who they are in Christ and what God has created them to do. The bedtime prayer is also when I ask them if they have anything they would like me to pray about.

In the mornings I pray for my children while I’m running. These prayers tend to be based on the particular struggles each child is currently having and the struggles I am having in dealing with them. It’s a two-mile chit-chat session between me and the Lord. You don’t have to run and it doesn’t have to be long, but I do highly recommend a regular time of prayer for your children.

Then, throughout the day I’m praying randomly. “Lord, please help me to explain this Algebra problem in a way that they can understand it.” “Father, it’s happening again, I’m speaking harshly to them because I feel overwhelmed with the day. Forgive me, Lord. Your Word says that I should do all things in a manner worthy of the gospel. I choose Your way over mine. Holy Spirit, grant me the grace to be gentle even when I feel frazzled.” “Lord, I can see that something is bothering my child. Their heart seems troubled, but I don’t know what is causing it. Please grant me wisdom from on high to be able to help them.” All day long, all kinds of prayers going up.

You won’t do it just like I do. You shouldn’t. Find the way to make it work for your schedule and your family. If you have a very busy schedule look for things that are daily and fit your praying into them. Can you pray for your children as you fold their clean clothes? Do you have time on a commute to work or school each day when you could pray? Can you sit on the edge of their bed and pray as they go to sleep each night? Can you pray for them while you wait for their soccer practice or dance lesson to finish? How about offering up a prayer each time they send you a text? Pray routinely and then pray randomly throughout the day as situations arise. You don’t have to bow your head or close your eyes, just let the conversation continue between you and the Lord on behalf of your children.

This is how we fight for them. Prayer is our most powerful weapon when fighting for our children.

Lord, we want Your will to be done in our children’s lives. Help us to pray continually with all kinds of prayers for them. Make us powerful prayer warriors for our children. In Jesus name.


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