Knife at My Throat!

Have you ever had someone hold a knife to your throat? I have certainly never been in that position.

 Or have I?

 Recently I have experienced several times where I sensed a spiritual, emotional, or mental knife to my throat. 

Scripture teaches that our enemy is real, that he hates us, and that he battles in the heavenly realms. 

Our enemy can bring a knife to our throat by stirring up fear or anxiety in us. He can orchestrate circumstances to make us want to quit and give up on our calling. He can stir up feelings of hatred, distrust, or anger. He can confuse our thoughts. He can cause us physical suffering and pain too. Just read the book of Job to see how real that knife can feel at the throat of one who loves and seeks God.

Harold and the kids learned all kinds of self defense moves in tae kwon do. They learned how to combat someone who had them in a headlock. They learned how to fight someone who was bigger than them. And they learned how to counterattack an assailant who had a knife to their throat. 

Here is one of the self defense moves of Scripture that God has been teaching me. Psalm 16, verse 8 says, “I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” 

When I feel the enemy at my throat, my best move is to look to my right hand. Jesus is there. A simple head twist to the right and heart focus on the Lord and I will not be shaken no matter who or what is at my throat. 

While I was getting dressed to go to my appointment for a needle biopsy I felt my stomach start to turn. Oh, no, Lord! I don’t want to throw up over this. I don’t want to feel nervous. I want to rest in you. As soon as I buckled into the passenger seat I reached out to the Lord by turning to His Word. He gave me this to cling to as I focused my heart on Him, “Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure…” (Psalm 16:9) I continued to silently recite these two verses again and again as I pictured myself turning to my right. I envisioned Jesus right there holding my hand. He won’t let me be shaken. He won’t abandon me. I commanded my body to rest secure in that knowledge. I commanded my heart to look continuously at the Lord.

My stomach settled down and the nervousness left. The mind is powerful and the Lord is even more powerful. Using our mind to focus on Him is effective self defense.

If you ever feel like the enemy is at your throat, remind yourself who is at your right hand. Train your heart to believe the truth that your eyes cannot see. You will not be shaken.

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