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Before we share with you some specifics about the way we read through God’s Word together as a family, we want to be sure and note that every family is unique. What works well for one family may not work well for another. The way each family chooses to impress God’s Word on their hearts will be molded by that family’s schedule, season, children’s ages, and personality.  The important thing is that we immerse our children in the Scriptures. The logistics of how we do it can, and should, be very different.

We began having a daily time where we read God’s Word together as a family by just simply sitting down together and reading through a chapter of the Bible at a time. If an entire chapter seems like too much to start with, try a few verses at a time. The Psalms are a great place to find entire chapters that are only a few verses long.

We usually spend about 15-20 minutes between reading and discussion, but if it’s late and Mama Puerto wants those little ones to get to bed we have mastered the art of the 2-minute family devotion. Also, there are times it lasts longer, usually indicating that the Puertos have engaged in a controversy over something they read. We need 2 Tim. 2:14 stamped on our foreheads for crying out loud!

We have hit times of sickness or vacation, when our normal routine gets all out of wack and our devotion time right along with it. We just get right back to it as soon as we possibly can. However, we know that if we ever find ourselves consistently missing our times of reading God’s Word together, something has to change. There is nothing in the schedule that is more important than this time. We have the divine privilege of instilling God’s eternal truth into the hearts and minds of our children. For a short time they look to us for guidance and believe everything we say. We want to capitalize on this, and begin at infancy and continue on throughout their lives, to make them wise for salvation and ready to plunge into the work God has called them to do.

How to Get Started:

-Select a time and place that you can commit to every day.

-Pray that God would give you and your children a hunger and a thirst for His Word and a heart to love Him.

-Choose what you will read, gather everyone together, and get going.

Things to Remember:

-You will get resistance. Do not let it discourage or deter you. The evil one does not want your children to hear the Scriptures from infancy. Resist him and stand firm, drawing near to God, and He will draw near to you.

-It’s not as important what passage or book you read through or how many verses you read in a day. What matters is that you’re in God’s Word daily. Nothing is more important than your personal time in God’s Word each day and this time when you read God’s Word together as a family each day.

-Aides, like commentaries, studies, videos, and books, can be helpful and enriching for your family, but be careful of letting them take over or become the bulk of your time together. Let God’s living eternal Word always have the preeminence.

Things We Have Had to Push Through:

-Complaining and whining. “This is boring!”

-Continual distractions and disobedient behavior. “This is impossible.”

-Busy schedules and seasons.”We just don’t have time for this.”

-Discouragement and feeling like we were wasting our time. “This is pointless!”

Results You Will See if You Persevere and Continue to Immerse Your Children in God’s Word:

-Your children will begin to ask questions and give answers during this time together.

-Your children will be discipled in the essential truths of the faith.

-Your children will develop a love for God’s Word.

-Your children will learn to evaluate what they will do in life with Kingdom purposes in mind.

-You will learn together as a family how to hear God speak through His Word as you experience HIm speaking directly into situations your family is facing.

Some Suggestions for Busy Schedules or Seasons:

-Pray and ask God to show you how to make this work for your family’s unique makeup and season.

-Think outside the box.

-Consider utilizing technology ie. audio Bible in the car, apps, online resources.

-Don’t get caught up on what it needs to look like. Focus on making it happen.

Some of Our Family’s Favorites:

-“Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby

-“The Adventure of Missionary Heroism” by John C. Lambert

-The Bible Project

-Our children’s favorite books to read through: Genesis, Judges, Daniel, Esther, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Psalms, and Proverbs.

-We enjoy memorizing passages verse by verse with hand motions. The hand motions make it fun for everyone. The little ones like getting animated and dramatic with the hand motions, giggling and laughing like hyenas. The older ones like to mock mom and dad for how ridiculous the hand motions we come up with are.

Please use the comment section of this blog post to share ways your family engages God’s Word daily and what some of your favorites are.

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