Passing On Our Faith To Our Children

There is a kingdom secret tucked into scripture that reveals how to prep our children for salvation in Christ and for fulfilling kingdom purposes as they walk in the work that God created them to do.

In 2 Timothy 3:14-17 Paul instructed Timothy to continue in what he had learned and become convinced of. 2 Timothy 1:5 explains what he’s referring to. Timothy’s mother and grandmother had a sincere faith that was passed on to Timothy. The method they used to pass on their faith is the kingdom secret we’re after. Timothy knew the Holy Scriptures from infancy (2 Tim. 3:15).  Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him God’s Word from childhood.

Paul goes on to explain how it was Timothy’s knowledge of the Scriptures that was able to make him wise for salvation and equip him for every good work God had for him to do. (2 Tim. 3:14-17)

One of the best ways to pass a sincere faith on to our children is to read God’s Word with them daily. Deut. 6:4-9 describes how we are to impress God’s truths upon our children by talking about them every day in our homes and as we go about our day.

We failed miserably in this area for many years as a family. We assumed that participating in children’s programs at church was what our children needed. Although children’s programs and church activities can be wonderful, they are not what is required to pass on a sincere faith to our children. For the past seven years, we have established a regular habit of reading through God’s Word together as a family every day, and the results have been amazing!

It’s not easy. The kids don’t always enjoy it. We don’t always enjoy it. We haven’t seen any bushes in flames or heard any voices or trumpets from heaven. In fact, many times we need an extra layer of deodorant and a special anointing of the Spirit just to get everyone to sit still for 10 minutes and listen. It seems as though Satan himself is supplying the little ones with toys to play with and ideas of how to distract each other some days.

Our children have a sincere love for God’s Word and understand it to be infallible truth to live their lives by. They evaluate what they will do in life with kingdom purposes in mind. However, we have had to persevere through many years of difficulties and distractions, remaining faithful to read God’s Word together each day, to see this come to pass. Don’t give up on reading God’s Word together as a family! Your children may resist it. They may tell you it’s boring. They may say they hate it. They may intentionally or unintentionally give you a hard time. Keep at it! We don’t obey God because we see results right away. We obey God because we love HIm and know Him to be faithful. We wait patiently and expectantly knowing that in His time and His way He will bring about a kingdom crop. Your children will be made wise to salvation and thoroughly equipped for every good work God calls them to when you immerse them in God’s Word.

Timothy was a young boy who was handed down a sincere faith and became a great man of God. His mother and grandmother paved the way for this great work of God in his life by faithfully making God’s Word known to Timothy from infancy. We want to be parents who follow their example. Parents who live the Deut. 6 mandate to impress God’s commands on our children and who cling to the belief that each time we read God’s Word to them it is accomplishing kingdom purposes in their lives. (Isaiah 55:11)

Jesus, we want our children to be saved and equipped for every good work you have for them. Please help us be faithful to do our part. We know you will be faithful to do yours.

Because we believe this to be such a critical necessity for seeing kingdom crops in our families we are adding a separate blog post with specific details and suggestions that we pray will be helpful in getting you going or keeping you going as you read God’s Word together as a family each day.

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