Secure in Him

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” ~Dueteronomy 33:12

A child is in her Father’s arms. She is curled up, with her head resting between His shoulders. She is safe, and she is secure. Not because of anything she is or has done, but she is secure in who her Father is. Her eyes are opened. She looks up at the night sky around her and sees the stars shining in all their majesty against the black canopy of night. She feels the wind blow across her face and past her out into the vastness of creation. She sees trees standing tall and knightly and regal, meshing together in a master weave of wild beauty. She feels her Father’s arms about her, strong and secure. She knows that even as He holds her in perfect gentleness now, He has strength that is mighty and unbelievable. Strong enough to vanquish all evil. She feels her Father’s light and goodness. It permeates from Him in constant and unfailing glory. It is so good that she can rest in it. It is so good that she can rejoice in it – she rejoices in her Father’s goodness. She feels her Father’s love, as real as His Presence. It is unshakable, and it tells her to be still. As she rests her weary little head on her Father’s shoulder, He whispers something to her ear.

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him.”

A tear slips from the child’s eye and drips slowly down her cheek to wet the fabric of her Father’s clothes. She cries because it is good. Because He is good, and she is nothing – yet He calls her His beloved. She cries because she can rest secure in Him. In all that He is, in all His goodness, might, strength, power, light, love, and glory. She can rest in who He is, her head laid between His shoulders. Everything is peace now, her eyes close and she rests, her head laid securely between her Father’s shoulders. She is His beloved. Her Father carries her as she rests, He is good, and she is secure because He is good.

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