Sharing is NOT Nice!

I know what you’re thinking…what do you mean, “sharing is not nice?!”

When we teach our children how to appropriately interact with those around them, we do it best when our reasoning comes from God’s truths revealed in His Word.

You can teach your child to share because sharing is nice, and that will teach them one basic concept:



But what if they don’t feel like being nice? 

Or what if someone is not being nice to them?

What if they find a way around sharing by giving something else less desirable to another while holding onto that item that has captivated their heart and mind?

It is important to teach children from a young age to share. But as Christians, we can turn a necessary and good lesson into a powerful and impactful truth to be learned. 

If sharing is just nice then:

-When they’re in a bad mood, they can determine that they don’t want to be nice right now, therefore they don’t have to share. 

-When someone else is mistreating them, or not sharing with them, then they can retaliate by not sharing with that person.

-When something has pulled on strings of greed and infatuation with them, they will try to find something else to share while holding onto an item that has an unhealthy hold on them. 

We want to teach our children to share:

-Even when they don’t feel like it or want to. 

-Even when the other person is undeserving.

-Most especially when an object is creating an unhealthy attachment to material possessions. 

The way we can help them do this is by teaching them to share because God requires that we love others.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

This life-giving truth can help our children learn to:

-Move beyond their emotions.

-Love when it’s difficult. 

-Conquer materialism and idolatry from a young age.

We’ll discuss why loving others is required and why it’s so important to teach our children to do this in the next post.

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